It isn’t just nature and wild things that interest me when it comes to photography and general curiosity about the world around us. I love old architecture in city and urban settings as well.

Heading toward the beach we often drive through Aberdeen and here’s a grand old building that I found very interesting to photograph.  This building first opened its doors on February 1st, 1913. Read a bit about the historic Aberdeen light and power building here and about the desire to save such historic buildings in Aberdeen, Washington.


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Photography has alway been my passion. From the large, expansive landscapes, to the small minute images that make up our world. Having traveled from East Coast to West Coast, capturing moments sparked by the world around me, and inspiring my creative curiosity. Adventure, discovery, awareness.

I photograph, I write, I journal, I combine and I manipulate.  Textures, objects, plants, animals, sunshine, rain, all of these interpreted through my eyes, with the help of a camera lens.

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